The Farm and Restaurant Letzi has belonged to the Freimann family for 14 generations.

A brief timeline of our History:

1557- Hans Spilmann had the farm built by master carpenter Jost Wimmer in 1557 making it over 450 years old!

1648 - Johann Freimann-Spilmann acquired the farm in 1648 from his brother-in-law Jakob Spilman (descendant of the propreitor). He paid 37 Guilders to become a voting citizen of Zug.

1984 - The farmhouse underwent extensive renovations in the mid 80’s. Special care was taken that the house which is a Cultural Monument kept its original characteristics and style intact.

1998 - Philipp Freimann-Ehrler becomes manager of the farm.

2010 - Susanne Freimann takes over the management of the Restaurant.